Handout Hiatus

If you love something, you have to let it go... to sleep for a while

Hello Handout readers!

I come bearing bad news. I’m putting the handout on an official hiatus for the time being. As you may have noticed, the handout has been published sporadically, if at all, for the past few months. I’m now making it official that you probably shouldn’t expect a post every other week.

I love writing the newsletter, and my interest in the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business remains as strong as ever. This is a fascinating space to watch, and one with sweeping ramifications for not just one of the largest American industries, but also our individual livelihoods and longevity.

I will continue to watch this space, but I’m afraid I won’t have the time and energy to produce consistent coverage and analysis. That time and energy, my ultimate finite resource, is voraciously consumed by the toddlers in my life: my two-year-old son, and the three-year-old startup at which I work.

What’s next?

This is not the end. I’m going to put the handout into a deep sleep. Gone for now, but not forever. Expect periodic posts, and a full return sometime in the future. I won’t spam you with irrelevant emails, and it costs nothing to stay subscribed, so stick around.

Thank you for being a reader, and for sticking around!

You can always get in touch with me at isaac@healthcarehandout.com

Until next time,